Workshops with Eva Callmin & Bo Wikström

These 2 workshops will be facilitated in Swedish and English.
Grof®Breathwork (holotropic breathwork) is an experiential method of self-exploration and psychotherapy developed by Stanislav Grof and his late wife Christina. This approach induces deep holotropic states of consciousness by a combination of very simple means – accelerated breathing, evocative music, and a special bodywork that helps to release
residual bioenergetic and emotional blocks.
The sessions are usually conducted in groups; participants work in pairs and alternate in the roles of “breathers” and “sitters.” The process is supervised by trained facilitators, who assist participants whenever special intervention is necessary.

Sat 12 Oct – Sun 13 Oct 2024
Sat 16 Nov -Sun 17 Oct 2024

Eva Callmin & Bo Wikström

Delphi Institute, Stockholm

2 500 SEK/event

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